NEW "Gladius II" BJJ GI MMA Grappling Uniform No GI Wear

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  • Jacket fabric: Pearl weave cotton, Pant Fabric: Hard-wearing 100% cotton
  • Knee reinforcements with maximum comfort and durability
  • Fastening system with rope lace on pants
  • Available in 3 colors: White, Blue, Black

VERUS is proud to announce their Ultra NEW “Gladius II GI” for BJJ Jiu Jitsu. It’s ultra light and perfect styling with its pearl weave fabric; the VERUS Gladius II GI is the lightest VERUS GI available. The pants are made from hard-wearing 100% cotton fabric.

As being lighter does not take away the key components of this competition GI; which includes the maximum comfort, styling, and on top of that the strength. Thanks to the double twisted high quality yarn blend, it makes the GI stronger and ultra light. The VERUS BJJ GI is built with reinforced stitches and panels, it’s preshrunk fabric will keep your GI perfect at all times.